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What is HDD?

Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

What are the benefits of using HDD (trenchless technology)?

Trenchless technology is widely used for the installation or replacement of ducts and pipes for services, especially beneath rivers, canals, railways and busy roads. They are used in cities, parks, forests and places where the depth of installation makes the techniques more economical than open trench installation.

Advantages of trenchless technologies include:

  • Enhanced worker and public safety.
  • Reduced risk of damage to nearby nature, structures and utilities.
  • Reduced disruption to surrounding businesses, residents and the environment.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Possible uses for obstacle crossing where regular open-cut methods are not suitable.

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines (such as sewer, water, or natural gas pipes) without the need for a traditional construction trench. Launching and receiving pits replace the trench needed by conventional pipe-laying.

What is Cathodic Protection?

Cathodic Protection (CP), also referred to as a sacrificial anode, is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell.

What is Pipe Fusing?

Pipe Fusion is a welding process used to join two different pieces of a thermoplastic. This process involves heating both pieces simultaneously and pressing them together, usually hydraulically. The two pieces then cool together and form a permanent bond.

What states do we work in?

Currently T B Landmark holds licensing in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, but we have performed work throughout the Southeastern United States.

What licensing do we hold?

General Contractor: CGC 060694
Underground Utility Contractor: CUC 057226
Gas: GCS 12873
Mechanical Contractor: CMC 1249354
Plumbing Contractor: CFC 1425930
HVAC: CACO 58402

Utility: UC301093
Utility Manager: UM001485

South Carolina
General Contractor: G115615

North Carolina
General Contractor: PU 74098

Who are our clients?

Our clients are Gas Companies, Public Municipalities, Private Customers and other contractors. We have performed work on/within secured facilities like Naval Bases, Active Airports and Seaports.